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 glass tennis racket.jpg

Tennis Racket

The European Junior Masters trophy designed and sculpted by Fred, it is a full size replica.

 hurling trophy.jpg

Hurling Trophy
The South East Hurling Trophy designed and sculpted by Fred Curtis.

 Irish Harp Sculpture.jpg

Irish Harp
The symbolic Irish Harp as presented to the President of Ireland, Mary Robinson

 horseracing ireland trophy.jpg

Horse Racing Ireland Trophy
designed by Fred Curtis this trophy was presented to the winner of the The Poolcourt Handicap at  the 2009 Wexford Races


Cardinal O'Connor of New York
being presented with a crystal Monstrance, created by crystal designer and sculptor Fred Curtis. 


the Roman Catholic vessel in which the holy consacreted Eucharist Host is displayed.

 Miss America tiara.jpg

Miss America Tiara
The crystal Tiara sculpted by Fred Curtis and presented to Miss America


Olymipic Trophy
The Stunning Olympic Swimming Trophy


Mary Robinson
is presented with a crystal sculpture of an Irish Harp, designed and sculpted by Fred Curtis.


Jimmy Carter
Fred meets former US President Jimmy Carter, his wife Caralynn and daughter Amy on their visit to Ireland. Fred discusses the design and sculpting aspects of Crystal. 



Jackie Charlton
Irish National football Manager was presented with this crystal sculpture on behalf of the Irish people.


Hilary Clinton
Hilary Clinton receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award. Designed and Sculpted by Fred Curtis.


Miss America
carries her Crystal sceptor that was Designed and Sculpted by Fred.


The Eurovision song contest Trophy
This was the Eurovision Trophy presented to Niamh Kavanagh the Irish winner of the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Ireland. Designed and sculpted by Fred Curtis


The Eurovision Song Contest
Niamh Kavanagh was the winner of the 1993 Eurovision in Ireland. Niamh was presented with a spectacular Trophy designed and sculpted by Fred Curtis.


Miss America
Fred meets with Heather Whitestone, the 1995 winner of Miss America. Heather was presented with a crystal sceptor designed and sculpted by Fred Curtis. 


Olympics Atlanta 1996
Crystal Sculpture presented to Michelle Smith the Triple Gold Medellist in 1996 at the Summer Olympics in Athlanta, designed & sculpted by Fred Curtis. 


Micheal Schumacher
Micheal Schumacher, winner of the 1995 Hockenheim Formula 1 Grand Prix. Fred designed & sculpted this spectacular Trophy.


Sailfish Pro Series Trophy

 Team DeBaitAble - winners of the 2009-2010 Sail fish Pro series, receive the Fred Curtis Crystal trophy in Miami Florida



Mother Theresa
Presented with The Nobel Peace Prize . This Celtic Cross was designed & sculpted by Fred Curtis especially for Mother Theresa. Her words to Fred were - 'God Bless your Hands'